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Lloyds List  26th June and 30th June 2003  
EG Arghyrakis is acting for Can Deval.
Can Deval (Bolivia)

London, June 26th — Lloyds Casualty representatives in Piraeus report: General cargo Lady Cleopatra (3681 gt, built 1976) was in collision with general cargo Can Deval (1915 gt, built 1978) during departure manoevres at Preveza at 21.20 local time, June 25. At the time, Can Deval was moored alongside the quay. There were no injuries and both vessels sustained hull damage. Can Deval sustained a fracture of 1.5m to the bow, 1.5m above the waterline. Lady Cleopatra sustained a light indentation to the aft starboard and a davit on the second deck became detached. The Port Authority of Preveza has prohibited the departure of both vessels pending issue of class certificates.

London, June 30th — Lloyds Casualty representatives in Piraeus report: Preveza Port Authority advised June 30th that general cargo Can Deval had been given permission for one voyage to Turkey without cargo, in order to carry out repars. General cargo Lady Cleopatra remains alongside, prohibited from departing until repairs have been effected.

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