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Lloyd's List   June 2004  
E.G. Arghyrakis & Co. are acting for the Owners and the P&I Club of the HAKKI DEVAL
Hakki Deval collision with Eleftheria
The following extracts from Lloyd's List appear with the kind permission of Lloyd's Casualty Desk.

Ancona, Jun 15 - At 1530, local time, Jun 12, bulk Eleftheria moored in the port. At 1845, unloading started. The vessel was boarded by representatives of London P&I Club (surveyors and lawyers), cargo insurance surveyors, receivers representative and surveyor. United Kingdom P&I Club of colliding vessel bulk Hakki Deval appointed a surveyor on Jun 14. Understand that sound cargo has been unloaded from hold No.1 of Eleftheria. Although the hold is damaged further cargo could be unloaded after shifting of vessel to another dock, subject to the harbour-master's authorisation. - Lloyd's Agents.

London, Jun 7 - Following received from Piraeus RCC, timed 0805, UTC: Bulk Eleftheria, 3FIU9, (36828 gt, built 1983), Lisbon for Ancona, cargo soya, and bulk Hakki Deval, TCLM, (9721 gt, built 1979) were in collision in lat 36 48N, long 01 23E, at approximately 0500 yesterday. Eleftheria sustained damage "topside" and is under tug escort to Ancona where ETA Jun 11.

London, Jun 7 - Lloyd's Casualty representatives in Piraeus report: Bulk Eleftheria and bulk Hakki Deval were involved in a collision near the Algerian coast on Jun 6. After the collision both vessels continued their voyages. There were no injuries, however, Eleftheria sustained a fracture in No. 1 hold and as a result there was ingress of water.Eleftheria had previously departed from Portugal loaded with soya bound for Ancona. Accompanying the vessel to Ancona is tug Megas Alexandros.

Ancona, Jun 11 - Understand bulk Eleftheria, fully laden with approximately 30,000 tonnes of soya beans from Brazil, on time charter to "Bunge Co" was involved in a collision with bulk Hakki Deval off the coast of Algeria. It is reported the incident happened on Jun 7. There were no injuries to the crew, but Eleftheria suffered damages on the starboard side to side wing tank and No.1 hold. Water is entering into the hold but is being controlled by pumps. Vessel is being towed to Ancona where time charterers/receivers should start discharge of part of the cargo. The towage contract was reportedly signed with tugowners Tsavliris of Piraeus. The vessel is expected to arrive at Ancona late today or tomorrow. General Average security (Lloyd's Average Bond) is reported to have been signed by cargo underwriters as well as average guarantee. - Lloyd's Agents.

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